UKCAT Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

UKCAT Training Classes in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Duration: 30 hours

  • 20 hours of classroom training (10 sessions x 2 hours)
  • 10 hours of practice tests (5 tests x 2 hours)


  • Booking early for the test is always beneficial, as it allows students to concentrate on other things (such as your UCAS application!), have options for different test slots and the chance to reschedule the test.
  • Choosing the right answer for each multiple-choice question is an art in itself. Students need to practice a lot under timed conditions and learn to eliminate wrong options quickly.
  • Taking practice tests helps students to prepare well for the exam and manage their time so that they answer all questions in all the sections.
  • As there is no negative marking, students must answer all the questions. Guesswork helps at instances where you are not sure about your answer. However, students should ensure that they answer all the questions.

The UKCAT Consortium seeks to minimise bias due to factors such as age, sex, nationality, ethnicity or socio-economic background. In order to do this we collect demographic, admissions and educational data on applicants to medical and dental schools in the UK. The data collected provide the UKCAT Consortium with an effective, reliable mechanism for:

  • The administration of the test (i.e. to verify candidate details and to be able to communicate correct test results to participating medical and dental schools)
  • The verification of the internal reliability of the test (i.e. is it a fair test and does it favour particular demographics of candidates)
  • The establishment of the predictive validity of the test with regards to medical/dental school and postgraduate performance
  • Undertaking research related to admissions to medicine and dentistry that reflects the legitimate interests of UKCAT

Research and analysis only takes place on anonymised data and UKCAT is committed to ensuring that no individual or groups of individuals can be identified in any published research undertaken on its behalf.

We seek to obtain the following data from UCAS for UKCAT candidates:

About you:UCAS PID; any declared disability; date of birth; area of domicile (UK, EU, non-EU); school or college details; ethnicity; nationality; parental attendance in HE; classification of area based on young participation in HE; sex; socio-economic group.
About your application:Course and university choices; University decisions; your decisions in response to offers; year of entry.
Qualifications:Subjects and grades achieved at GCSE

3 thoughts on “UKCAT Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi”

  1. Hi,

    Im interested in applying for the course, i have several queries. I would like to apply as soon as possible as I am travelling during the summer and I would like the lessons during the weekend if possible rather than the weekdays. Also, would I have to apply for another course in order to be tested for the BMAT? And also is it possible to be tested as soon as testing begins.

    Thank you very much for cooperation


  2. Hi, i wanted to know about your different courses in abu dhabi. As i am hoping to join as soon as possible.
    I am in year 12 in brighton college abu dhabi. I also wanted to know if theres a online course i could trial in COVID situation.

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